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Reading the Ecrits : “Position of the Unconscious” Conducted by Florencia F.C. Shanahan Reading: Jacques Lacan, “Position of the Unconscious”, in Ecrits. The First Complete Edition in English, Trans. B.Fink, WW Norton, London, p. 703 Thursday 4th November – 7.30pm – SVHF – Dublin 3 Open to ICLO-NLS members only


“Clinical Conversations” 2010/2011 with Pierre–Gilles Guéguen – Marie–Hélène Brousse – Gustavo Dessal – Anne Lysy (AE) – Jean-Louis Gault



Online registration: www.europsychoanalysis.eu Click here to access the latest PIPOL News in English (articles by Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Agnès Aflalo, Alan Rowan, Thomas Svolos) On the Eurofederation of Psychoanalysis A little history The European School of Psychoanalysis (EEP) was born in 1990 anticipating the birth of the WAP (1992). Founded as the European Other of the ‘Ecole de la Cause Freudienne’(ECF), …


To learn more about the ICLO-NLS 2010/2011 Teaching Seminar “Lacanian Psychoanalysis and Clinical Practice (I) – Working with Children, Psychosis & Addictions” & to download the Full Programme (themes for each Seminar and bibliography)

ICLO-NLS Clinical Conversation


Pierre-Gilles Guéguen is a psychoanalyst in Paris. He is an analyst member (AME) and former Director of the School of the Freudian Cause (ECF), and a member and former President of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and of  the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). He is a Professor at the University of Paris VIII. Saturday 18th September 2010 11am-1pm: Theoretical …

Programme 2010/2011

ICLO-NLS ICLO-NLS Programme, News

ICLO-NLS will have an intensive Programme from September: – Clinical Conversations: September 18th with Pierre-Gilles Gueguen (Paris) on “Differential Diagnosis“; December 11th with Marie-Helene Brousse (Paris) on “Towards a Clinic of Objects” – Teaching Seminar: ‘Lacanian Practice and the Clinic (I): Working with Children, Psychosis & Addictions” – Open Seminar: ‘Lacan with the Post-Freudians’ (M.Balint, M.Klein & D.Winnicott) – Cartel …

ICLO-NLS Clinical Conversations

ICLO-NLS Clinical Conversations, News

We regret to inform that due to the situation at European airports Anne Lysy will not be present for the Clinical Conversation, which will still take place as announced. [FFCS, 15th April 8pm) Click here to see the Programme for the day