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Lacanian Psychoanalysis in Ireland

The Irish Circle of the Lacanian Orientation (ICLO-NLS) was founded in June 2009 as an associated group of the New Lacanian School (NLS), which is one of seven Schools that constitute the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). In 2012 it became an affiliated group of the NLS. In 2019 it became a Society of the NLS.

As part of this international community ICLO-NLS is concerned with the formation of analysts within the orientation of Jacques Lacan and is devoted to research within the field of psychoanalysis. This research aims first and foremost at the various aspects of the psychoanalytic clinic, while also being concerned with the potential application of Lacanian concepts and theory to other fields such as the arts, politics, history, the social context and philosophy.

ICLO-NLS hosts a variety of activities in Dublin, including lectures, seminars and small study-groups (called “cartels”) which are advertised on our web-site with a clear indication as to which activities are closed to members and which ones are open to the public.

The Lacanian orientation in psychoanalysis is based on the fact that the human subject is constituted as a speaking-subject. Simple and perhaps obvious as this statement may be, it nevertheless has a crucial ethical implication, namely, that listening to speech – and appropriately responding to it – are ways (and indeed perhaps the only ways) of treating the human being with dignity and with results that have effects on the mind and body that are not merely cosmetic, temporary or about adaptation to presumed norms or ideals. Considering the human subject from this point of view allows a different response to human suffering, one that resists the ubiquitous standardisation and homogeneity so often promoted in the face of such suffering. Indeed and from a Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective there is an awareness that socio-cultural pressures actively shape, to a considerable extent, subjective suffering. Lacanian psychoanalysis considers it of the utmost importance that the homogeneity and standardisation of contemporary suffering, which finds its expression in symptoms like depression, addiction, eating-disorders and self-harm, is not responded to in a protocolled and standardised kind of way but, precisely, on a case by case basis. Only such a response will bring forward the radical creative singularity of each speaking-being.

Anyone who is interested in psychoanalysis can participate in ICLO activities and anyone who is interested in finding out more about Lacanian psychoanalysis, or indeed about becoming a member, can access our web-site: www.iclo-nls.org or contact: info@iclo-nls.org

To register for our events or to be added to our e-mailing list please send an e-mail to register@iclo-nls.org

Bureau 2020/22

Chair: Linda Clarke / Vice-Chair: Florencia Shanahan / Secretary: Caroline Heanue / Treasurer: Lilli Klint


Cartels: Rik Loose – Sheila Power

SIG Children&Adolescents: Joanne Conway

Publications:  Raphael Montague (Editor) – Sheila Power – Caroline Heanue – Lorna Kernan

Library-Bookshop: Sheila Power – Gerard Power

PR: Florencia Shanahan – Cecilia Saviotti

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Leinster Representative for the EFP: Claire Hawkes

ICLO-NLS Lacanian Psychoanalysis in Ireland