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– Seminar by Anne Béraud “What is this violence that inhabits us?” Followed by a Clinical Presentation and discussion with the audience. HERE

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– Psychoanalytical Notebooks 31 is out! On applied psychoanalysis at the CPCTs, time limited  free clinics for consultation and treatment. MORE INFO

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– Lacanian Compass has a new website… HERE

–  Seminar with Alan Rowan on “Interpretation and what it aims at”, organised by APPI. Dublin, 25th March 2017. More information HERE

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– “Psychoanalysis with Children. Some Issues of General Interest”  Text produced by the members of the constituent groups of “La Diagonal Hispanohablante de la Nueva Red Cereda” [Spanish speaking diagonal of the New Cereda Network] and translated within the ICLO-NLS SIG (Special Interest Group) Child & Adolescent Lacanian Psychoanalyisis

– Cartel Work published in the first issue of the NLS newsletter “4+1”. HERE

– New website of the Association for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy in Ireland (APPI) HERE

– WAP Congress Barcelona, 2-6 April 2018 – THEME


– 46th Study Days of the ECF – The object gaze HERE

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– Presentation of the theme of the Xth WAP Congress (Rio de Janeiro, 2016) “The Unconscious and the Speaking Body” by Jacques-Alain Miller

– Publication of Scilicet in English. Available on-line or contact [ View the Table of Contents]

– PIPOL 7 – Victim! – Brussels July 2015 HERE

PAPERS of the Action Committee of the School One 2013/14 Edition. Over seventy papers by colleagues from all over the world, on the theme of the WAP Congress 2014 “A Real for the 21st Century”

– Study-Days of the ECF 2014: “ETRE MERE – Fantasmes de maternité en psychanalyse“, 15 & 16 November, Paris

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