Psychoanalytical Notebooks

The new issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks of the London Society of the NLS has come out. It can be ordered from the website of the London Society

PN: 31 – Brief Encounters


Editorial, Roger Litten


  • Judith Miller, The Next Stage of PIPOL
  • Pierre-Gilles Guéguen, Ten Axioms
  • Jean-Daniel Matet, New Relations to the Clinic and to Interpretation
  • Francisco Hugo Freda, “The Way of the World”
  • Jacques-Alain Miller, Towards PIPOL 4


  • Manuel Fernández Blanco, Citizen-Symptom
  • Bernard Porcheret, CPCTs: A Political Initiative Against Segregation
  • Vicente Palomera, Actuality of Rapid Therapeutic Effects
  • Philip La Sagna, From Isolation to Solitude
  • Dominique Laurent, The Demand for Symptomatic Desegregation
  • Monica Marin, Interpretative event
  • Xavier Esqué, The Future Commands the Present, A Reading of the CPCT Experience
  • Francisco Hugo Freda, Three Questions for Francisco-Hugo Freda, First Director of the CPCT
  • Catherine Lazarus-Matet, Poetry as Treatment for the Precariousness of Being


  • Lilia Mahjoub, Overture
  • Pascale Fari, Paying to speak?
  • Nicolas Jude, “I am the Fearful One in the Family”
  • Claude Quenardel, A Solution to Emptiness
  • Beatriz Gonzalez, A Piece Missing from the Puzzle
  • Liliana Salazar Redon, A Dry Heart
  • Laura Sokolowsky, The Woman-with-Languages
  • Pierre Naveau, The Mystery of the Speaking Body
  • René Rasmussen, The Concert of the Real: Paul Celan and his “Todesfuge”

Poetry Rubric, David Berridge

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