Psychoanalytical Notebooks


The new issue of the Psychoanalytical Notebooks of the London Society of the NLS has come out. It can be ordered from the website of the London Society


Science and the Real

Editor in chief: Natalie Wulfing

Guest editor: Miquel Bassols

Issue editor: Roger Litten

Jacques-Alain Miller – Psychoanalysis, its place among the sciences 

Miquel Bassols – There is no science of the real

Eric Laurent – The illusion of scientism, the anguish of scientists 

Marco Focchi – Number in science and in psychoanalysis 

Pierre Skriabine – Science, the subject and psychoanalysis 

Philippe La Sagna et al.Science and the name of the father

Esthela Solano-Suarez - The clinic in the time of the real

Francois Ansermet – Trace and object, between neurosciences and psychoanalysis 

Guy Briole – Error and misunderstanding 

Alfredo Zenoni – A post-scientific real 

Jacques-Alain Miller – Spare parts 

Pierre Naveau – Jealousy and the hidden gaze 

Veronique Voruz – Reading Catherine M. on jealousy 

Bogdan Wolf – Intricacies of the gaze 

Betty Bertrand-Godfrey - Jealousy as a name of the father? 

Laure Naveau – The other man of his life

Holly Pester – I have spoilt a better name than my own…


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