ICLO-NLS Inter-cartel Day

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The Question of Cartels


To be a member of a cartel is an individual and subjective experience, an encounter to which each brings speech and the body. The cartel is a space that allows the necessary time for each to elaborate their questions and understanding.  By sharing the products of this experience we make the School, we bring it to life, make it breathe.

On the morning there will be a short discussion reflecting on the place of cartels within the life of the School.  Along the way questions such as ‘what is a cartel?’, ‘what is its purpose?’, ‘how does it function’, ‘what is a plus-one’ will be explored and considered. In addition, cartelisands will present short papers based on their work and experience in cartels over the past year or two.

Tom Ryan and Linda ClarkeResponsible for Cartels

Date: Saturday 22nd October
Time: 10am to 1.30pm
Venue: DBS Castle House, Georges St, Room 2.8 Second Floor