ICLO-NLS Study-Day 2018 “On Transference”


 ICLO-NLS 6th Study-Day Saturday 2nd June FULL PROGRAMME PDF TRANSFERENCE IN AND OUT With Guest Presentation “THE HEART OF THE MATTER” by Lynn Gaillard (Member of the NLS Executive Committee)   Argument Transference did not wait for psychoanalysis to exist, but it was Freud who conceptualised it and made of its handling the mainspring of the singular relation that links …

NLS Congress 2018 – The Blog & more!


NLS CONGRESS – The Blog Our blog will bring to life our preparation towards the next Congress! The Blog will inform and guide you with its readings, interviews, videos, references – on the theme and the programme of the Congress: In a State of Transference Wild, Political, Psychoanalytical  Follow, Like, Share, Visit… NLS_Congress 2018! TWITTER  /  FACEBOOK  

The Field of Psychosis in Childhood. A Lacanian Practice


Theoretical and Clinical Seminar with Neus Carbonell   Date: 17th February 2018                 Time: 10am to 1pm                       Venue: PSI, Grantham St, D8 register@iclo-nls.org PDF

The Politics of the Symptom


with Neus Carbonell   Date: 16th February 2018                 Time: 7pm to 9pm                 Venue: PSI, Grantham St, D8 register@iclo-nls.org PDF

Series “Black Mirror Analysis”

ICLO-NLS ICLO-NLS Programme, News

Open to all Venue: PSI, Grantham St, D8 Dates: 17/11/17 – 8/12/17 – 2/2/18 dowload leaflet as PDF BOOK ALL THREE @ REDUCED RATE OF 12 euro OR PAY 5 euro for each (payment @ the door) “What transforms the subject is fundamentally the assumption of an image” Marlene ffrench Mullen “The Subject of the Screen & the Real in …

Return to the Psychoanalytic Clinic


with Yves Vanderveken “After the dissolution of the Ecole freudienne by Jacques Lacan, the Ecole de la Cause freudienne took responsibility for the specifications that he established in his Founding Act (1964). When it began it did so under the motto of a “return to the clinic”. Recently with his involvement in the political field Jacques Alain Miller was able …

Structural Clinic of Psychosis – Clinical & Theoretical Seminar


with Yves Vanderveken SATURDAY 2nd DECEMBER 10am to 1pm “From the beginning of his teaching, Jacques Lacan searched for what could give a structural basis to the analytical clinic. In order to free it from the miasma of the imaginary or the ignorance in which it can move when it is based solely upon the phenomena or disparate feelings and …

“The Subject of Addiction” – Opening Event 2017/18


The Subject of Addiction Friday 15th September 2017 7pm – 9pm [tea/coffee from 6.30pm] To be human means there is addiction. As Lacan once said in a round table discussion on addiction: “in any case speech always addresses addicts”. In our ever increasingly uncertain world, people are scrambling for solutions, for guarantees that will allow them to deal with their …

Towards PIPOL 8: “Psychoanalysis ‘at work ‘ in Institutions?”


This event is in preparation for the upcoming 4th EuroFederation Congress, PIPOL 8 ” A Non-standard Clinical Practice“ “Psychoanalysis ‘at work ‘ in Institutions?” a conversation with Joanne Conway, Susan Mc Feely, Linda Clarke and Cecilia Saviotti about the possibilities and challenges of psychoanalysis within institutional settings, such as Addiction, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Homeless Services. We look forward to your participation …