Series “Black Mirror Analysis”

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Open to all Venue: PSI, Grantham St, D8 Dates: 17/11/17 – 8/12/17 – 2/2/18 dowload leaflet as PDF BOOK ALL THREE @ REDUCED RATE OF 12 euro OR PAY 5 euro for each (payment @ the door) “What transforms the subject is fundamentally the assumption of an image” Marlene ffrench Mullen

“The Subject of Addiction” – Opening Event 2017/18


The Subject of Addiction Friday 15th September 2017 7pm – 9pm [tea/coffee from 6.30pm] To be human means there is addiction. As Lacan once said in a round table discussion on addiction: “in any case speech always addresses addicts”. In our ever increasingly uncertain world, people are scrambling for solutions, for guarantees that will allow them to deal with their …

Towards PIPOL 8: “Psychoanalysis ‘at work ‘ in Institutions?”


This event is in preparation for the upcoming 4th EuroFederation Congress, PIPOL 8 ” A Non-standard Clinical Practice“ “Psychoanalysis ‘at work ‘ in Institutions?” a conversation with Joanne Conway, Susan Mc Feely, Linda Clarke and Cecilia Saviotti about the possibilities and challenges of psychoanalysis within institutional settings, such as Addiction, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Homeless Services. We look forward to your participation …


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SPACE FORMATION OF THE ANALYST AND ITS SCHOOL Does Analysis Solve Problems? with Geert Hoornaert   The question might seem strange, since an affirmative answer seems so obvious. But then again, why did Freud consider that in psychoanalysis healing comes in addition, as a sort of bonus, indicating by this that its essential operation is located elsewhere? And why would …

ICLO-NLS Clinical and Theoretical Seminar with Geert Hoornaert

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The Problem With Solutions   The paradigm ‘problem-solution’ dominates in contemporary ‘thought’, in civilization, in politics, and in almost every approach that has psychic suffering as its object. Every challenge that defies the human being, every question he is confronted with, whether individual, political, philosophical or ethical, is spontaneously turned into a ‘problem’ that calls for a ‘solution’, which is …

ICLO-NLS Clinical and Theoretical Seminar with Gustavo Dessal

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THE SLIP OF SEX. SOME REMARKS ON THE SO-CALLED GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER “While gender studies strive to construct theories about identity (“Am I a woman captive in a man’s body?”,”Am I a man born in the wrong body?”), Lacan is going to sustain the impossibility for psychoanalysis to found a new ontology, because the jouissance of the body, in the …