ICLO-NLS 7th Study-Days

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URGENT CASES AND THE LYING TRUTH with Bernard Seynhaeve and Pamela King                  President NLS                    Secretary NLS Full Programme coming soon… 6th April 2019 / 10am to 4pm / PSI, 2nd Floor, Grantham Hse, Grantham St., D8 / Fee: €30 [Students-Unwaged: €20] Limited places / Booking: register@iclo-nls.org

ICLO-NLS Introductory Teaching Seminar to Lacanian Psychoanalysis

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The C(o)urse of (an) Analysis Rik Loose and Florencia Shanahan 25th January –  8th February – 8th March 2019   When can one say that an analysis has begun? How are the fundamental rule and the use of the couch introduced? What is the difference between a symptom as suffering and an analytic symptom under transference? What is the function …

ICLO-NLS Clinical/Theoretical Seminar – “Identity<>Identification: Roots of Segregation, Hatred and Violence”

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  Saturday 23rd February / 10am to 1pm / Venue: PSI, Grantham St, D8 / Fee: 25 / 15 / Book your place: register@iclo-nls.org Oscar Ventura is a psychoanalyst in Alicante. Analyst Member (AME) of the ELP and of the WAP. Analyst of the School (AE 2016-2019). He teaches at the Institute of the Freudian Field. He is current president …

ICLO-NLS Space Formation of the Analyst and Its School – Testimony of the Pass by Oscar Ventura


Testimony of the Pass Death, Silence, Hatred From Identification to a New Love by Oscar Ventura (AE)   Friday 22nd February 2019 / 7pm to 9pm / Venue: PSI, 2nd Floor,Grantham Hse,Grantham St, Dublin 8 / Fee: €10 / Booking: register@iclo-nls.org / Limited Places Oscar Ventura is a psychoanalyst in Alicante. Analyst Member (AME) of the ELP (Lacanian School of …

ICLO-NLS Open Event: “States of Segregation”


Saturday 19th January 2019 / 10am to 2pm / PSI, Grantham St., D8 Fee: 10e / Booking: register@iclo-nls.org ICLO-NLS is delighted to welcome Dr Gloria Kirwan, Dr Fiona O’Reilly and Melatu Uche Okorie to States of Segregation, a conversation with Susan McFeely, Rik Loose and Linda Clarke (ICLO-NLS) on segregation in contemporary times. Dr Gloria Kirwan is a Lecturer in …

Change of Date! 22nd – 23rd February 2019

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PLEASE NOTE : The testimony of the Pass by Oscar Ventura will take place on Friday 22nd February 2019 at 7pm in PSI The Clinical and Theoretical Seminar with a conference by Oscar Ventura on violence today and contributions from ICLO members will be held on Saturday 23rd February 2019 from 10am to 1pm in PSI.     (*) Dates …

ICLO-NLS Seminar: “What is this violence that inhabits us? with Anne Béraud

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The Seminar by Anne Béraud will be followed by a Clinical Presentation and discussion with the audience. ————————————— Anne Béraud is a psychoanalyst in Montreal. Member of the New Lacanian School (NLS) and the World Association of Psychoanalysis (WAP). Current Analyst of the School (AE), 2018-2021. She is co-founder of the Pont Freudian in Montreal and President of NLS-Québec. She …

ICLO-NLS Open Event: Aggressivity In The Mirror – Violent Acts In Childhood And Adolescence

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ICLO-NLS OPEN EVENT Aggressivity In The Mirror – Violent Acts In Childhood And Adolescence with Iván Ruiz Dublin, 29th September 2018 10am-4pm PSI, Grantham St, D8 OPEN TO ALL VIEW PROGRAMME   Violence is the term currently used to refer to the exercise of aggressivity by one subject against another. However, nowadays this term also denotes forms of naturalised violence, …