Members’ Seminar: On Supervision in Lacanian Psychoanalysis


Open to ICLO members only 26th February 2021 – 7pm Audios Veronique Voruz on Supervision: Bibliography: TLR 2: The Logic & Surprises of Supervision at the time of the Parletre (Eric Laurent) TLR 1: Three Remarks on Supervision (JA Miller) HB 11: The Effects of Supervision (V Voruz)

Pass Testimony

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TO TAKE THE FLOOR Irene Kuperwajs Why does someone go into analysis? What does an analysis change? What remains incurable? How does a psychoanalysis produce a psychoanalyst? In the Lacanian orientation this can only be answered one by one. Join us to listen to Irene Kuperwajs’ experience of her analytic journey. Irene Kuperwajs is a psychoanalyst in Buenos Aires. Member …


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SATURDAY 16th January 2021 – From 1.30pm (Dublin time) (Times in the PROGRAMME are indicated in Central European Time / For Ireland -1 hour) ____________________ 2.30 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.: 1st part: The Pass 2.30 p.m.- 2.55 p.m.: Introduction — Chair: Joanne Conway (en) 2.30 p.m.- 2.35 p.m.: Joanne Conway (en) – Opening 2.35 p.m.- 2.45 p.m.: Alexandre Stevens (fr) …


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Coordinated by: Linda Clarke-Florencia Shanahan-Lilli Klint-Caroline Heanue What: A space offered to formalise clinical work and interrogate psychoanalytic concepts (diagnosis, symptom, transference, unconscious, drive, repetition, subject, object, Other, body). For Whom: students, trainees, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists engaged in clinical practice from a Lacanian perspective, engaged in analysis and supervision.  When: 2nd Wednesday of each month @ 8pm Start: Wednesday 13th …

Introductory Teaching Seminar

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via Zoom & in person [if health recommendations allow it] 9th October – 6th November – 11th December @ 7pm [Dublin time] REGISTER BELOW Sigmund Freud, who invented psychoanalysis, stated it is “the name 1) of a procedure for the investigation of mental processes which are almost inaccessible in any other way, (2) of a method (based upon that investigation) …

Members Conversation


This is a meeting where ICLO members will engage in a conversation of current issues in clinical practice. It aims at interrogating the conditions that the pandemic of COVID-19 has imposed on us, both from the perspective of psychoanalysis in intention and in extension. Themes: presence, time, couch, money…

ICLO-NLS Opening Event

ICLO-NLS Analyst's Formation, ICLO-NLS Programme, Opening Event

Saturday 26th September / 10.30am to 1pm / Fee: €10 [book below] Presentation of the 2020/21 Programme / Argumented Questions by Rik Loose & Marlene ffrench Mullen / Discussion with participants “How can we separate out the many senses of the expression “bodies captured by discourse”? On the one hand, at the level of the subject of civilisation, Lacan demonstrated, …

ICLO-NLS Members Conversation

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The Seminar of the School is a closed Seminar for ICLO-­NLS members, whereby the dimension of Lacan’s School is made present through the reading and discussion of a) the foundational texts referring to the concept of the School, the Cartel and the Pass; b) testimonies of the pass by Analysts of the School. The questions of the formation of the …