ICLO-NLS Reading Seminar “Returning to Freud (IV)”


“The Neurotic Invented the Father”   Freud’s interest in – and admiration for – religion is well known. He nevertheless did not develop psychoanalysis in the direction of a religious interpretation of the Father but rather concluded that the latter is an invention of the neurotic. Each seminar will focus on an aspect of the two major works Freud devoted …

ICLO-NLS Open Day “How does one become an analyst?”

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This is a free event open to all where the crucial issues of analytic training, university discourse, analytic discourse and the specificity of Lacanian psychoanalysis and its formation will be debated with colleagues from Ireland and guest speakers: Véronique Voruz, practising psychoanalyst in London, member of the London Society of NLS, the NLS and the WAP. She is a lecturer …

Inter-Cartel Day


The theme of the Inter-Cartel Day is ‘Anxiety in the 21st Century‘. Papers will be presented for discussion from cartelisands currently working on Lacan’s Seminar X ‘Anxiety‘. Date: 20th June 2015 / Time: 10am-12pm / Venue: SHINE, 38 Blessington St, D1. The Inter-Cartel Day is free and open to all. No registration required. For info contact Susan Mc Feely /Tom …

“The Knotting of Language and the Body in Adolescence” a Seminar with Neus Carbonell


The ICLO-NLS Special Interest Group Child & Adolescent Lacanian Psychoanalysis invites you to the Seminar The Knotting of Language and the Body in Adolescence with guest speaker Neus Carbonell and an introduction by Joanne Conway Date: Saturday 6th June 2015 Venue: The Psychological Society of Ireland, 2nd Floor, Grantham House, Grantham Street, Dublin 2 Fee: 20 euro – 15 euro Students/Unwaged Time: 10am …

ICLO-NLS Teaching Seminar: “Lacan’s Seminar X”


Lacan’s Seminar X “Anxiety”   Three seminars on Lacan’s oral teaching. The topic for this year is Lacan’s Seminar X “Anxiety”. For a whole year Lacan taught on the importance of anxiety for psychoanalytic theory and practice. In many ways this is a key seminar and it will be of great interest for those who are committed to a formation …

ICLO-NLS 4th Study-Day


7th March 2015    /    ICLO-NLS 4th Study-Day CRISIS! MOMENTS OF SUBJECTIVE DECISION with Yves Vanderveken, President of the NLS A day of clinical and theoretical presentations Read the Argument  

Seminar of the Lacanian Orientation with members of the World Association of Psychoanalysis


Marco Focchi “What is the Unconscious made of?“   The general axis for this Seminars for 2014/16 will be -in line with the forthcoming WAP Congress in Rio- “Language and the Body”. Marco Focchi is a psychoanalyst in Milan, Italy. He is Analyst Member (AME) and former President of the Scuola lacaniana di Psicoanalisi, and member of the World Association …

Seminar “The Invocatory Drive” with Adrian Price


In preparation for the ICLO-NLS Teaching Seminar 2015 on Lacan’s Seminar X “Anxiety”, we invite you to an evening with its translator, Adrian Price, who will speak about “The Invocatory Drive. From a Still Small Voice to the Scream of Nature” When? Thursday 18th December at 7pm Where? Psychological Society of Ireland, Grantham House, Grantham St., Dublin 2 FREE & …